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Film Production


Elevate Visual Presence by partnering your organization with the experienced & dedicated video production team at Positive Space Media.


Positive Space Media is a full-service video production operation specializing in Live Broadcast, TV commercials, Corporate Videos, Private Events, and more. Positive Space Media is based in the downtown Chicago Loop. Our expansive team of experts serves organizations, brands, & influencers in the United States and internationally.

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Hunter J. Haselrig

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Our Camera Partners

Film Production Positive Space Media
Film Production Positive Space Media
Film Production Positive Space Media
Film Production Positive Space Media
Film Production Positive Space Media

Our Video Production Team develops videos for brands, businesses, non profits, influencers and more. 

Positive Space Media partners with you to deliver engaging and impactful narratives. We utilize innovative, real-world strategies to deliver results and conversions for your organization.

The video production team has extensive experience working with a wide variety of clients. In order to deliver the highest quality content, we work to understand your organization, objectives, and audience. 

Partnering your organization with Positive Space Media will enable significant growth for your digital presence.

Contact the Positive Space Media video production team for in-depth information regarding how we can help you ELEVATE your visual presence.

Some of our Video Production Services:

  • Live Broadcast

  • TV Commercials

  • Private Events

  • Corporate Video Production

  • Training Videos

  • Informational Videos

  • Instagram & Tik Tok Reels 

  • Social Media

  • Website Videos

  • Podcasts

  • YouTube

  • and more

Film Production Serivce

Film Production (Half Day)

- 4 Hours On Site

Film Production (Full Day)

- 8 Hours on Site

Film Production
Process & Timeline

Each project is unique. Developing the most effective game plan is imperative 


Establish understanding of your business, goals, competition, and audience. 

Content Review

The video production team provides a preview of the content. Clients provides feedback and revision requests.

Pre Production

Establish our approach for your project. 


All video production data is handed to our experienced postproduction team. Sequencing, color grading, animations, sound design, and more.


Film at our video production space, on-site, or other location.

Delivery & Placement

All edits and revisions are complete. Our video production team delivers the finalized data files to you via the agreed platform. 

Film Production Clients

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