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Positive Space Media - Hunter J. Haselrig

As the Founder of Positive Space Media, Hunter J. Haselrig maintains responsibility for the company and its holdings. Haselrig drives innovation, manages operations, spearheads growth, and provides strategic direction for his organization.

Hunter studied Marketing, Photojournalism, and

Mandarin Chinese at High Point University, Ball State

University, and Cinematography at Columbia Film -



Hunter has been featured for his work in a

numerous publications including Forbes, Chicago

Tribune, Medium, CEO Weekly, NY Weekly, &

Entrepreneur Magazine. 

In his free time Hunter frequents the movie theater,

skateboards, swims, climbs, and distance runs. Hunter

is extremely passionate for all things relative to

media, art, and digital content. 

Hunter’s favorite part of the creative marketing

industry is traveling to new places, learning from a

wide range of people, and the constant opportunity to

be an impact.    

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Progressive Leader

In addition to his role as Founder of Positive Space Media, Hunter J. Haselrig is an active investor in startups, with a keen eye for identifying emerging talent and disruptive ideas. His experience in the media industry has given him a deep understanding of the market and a unique perspective on what it takes to succeed. Hunter is passionate about supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs and enjoys sharing his knowledge and insights to help them succeed. As an investor, he has a proven track record of backing successful ventures, and his portfolio includes some of the most innovative startups in the industry.

Positive Space Media Video Production; Hunter Haselrig
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