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Bridging the Gap

The Positive Space Foundation blends media, business, and mentorship to lay the steppingstones for a brighter future amongst youth.

Our Mission

Mission of the Foundation

The Positive Space Foundation is a 501c3 tax-exempt, non-profit, public charity organization.


The Positive Space Foundation provides resources and guidance for Chicago high schoolers to pursue a career path in the media space through hands on learning experiences, mentorship, and access to necessary tools for a successful launch.


Students will have the opportunity to build technical knowledge for use of production, postproduction equipment, software, set etiquette, and more.


The program will introduce strategies necessary to monetize their newfound media knowledge and be sustainable well into the future. Through the program they will learn about business filings, develop financial literacy, and more.


Students will have a wide array of opportunities to develop and maintain valuable connections with industry experts, entrepreneurs, and other influential figures. 

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Chicago, IL 60605

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